Quality Improvement Activities

Did you know that quality improvement activities are a great way to meet two requirements at once?  Not only does the activity count towards the quality improvement requirement, but if you write it up as an abstract, paper or a poster, it can count for scholarly activity, too!

The Graduate Medical Education Committee

In-depth Series: The Graduate Medical Education Committee. Part 5 of 6. Welcome to our newest in-depth series. Over the next several months we will take an in-depth look at the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC). The standard for the GMEC is found in the Institutional Requirements, Section I.B. Today we will look at the Annual Institutional Review (AIR). I.B. GMEC I.B.5. The GMEC must dem ...[Read More]

Fatigue and its effects on workers

An excellent article on general fatigue, Fatigue Risk Management in the Workplace, will give you a great understanding on the fundamental science behind fatigue and its effects on all workers. Don’t forget to join us on Thursday, July 28 for an all new webinar on Fatigue Management and Mitigation.

Fatigue Management and Mitigation

Fatigue Management and Mitigation is a hot topic these days and can be a contributing factor to overall resident wellbeing. In fact, fatigue affects all of us in some way.  Join us on Thursday, July 28 for an all new webinar on Fatigue Management and Mitigation  

Milestone ratings for internal medicine programs

Be sure to check out the highly anticipated report on results of Milestone ratings for all 383 internal medicine programs. Hauer KE, Clauser J, Lipner RS, Holmboe ES, Caverzagie K, Hamstra SJ, …McDonald, FS. (2016, May 10). The internal medicine reporting milestones: Cross-sectional description of initial implementation in U.S. residency programs. Annals of Internal Medicine. Advance online public ...[Read More]

Confused about board certification requirements

Confused about board certification requirements during the transition from an AOA residency program to an ACGME  residency program?  Check out the latest information in this handy chart the AOA has put together: . As always – any concerns, questions and/or clarification should be obt ...[Read More]

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