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AAMC 2017 Report on Residents

We all hear that residents tend to stay relatively close to the area in which they complete their residency.  The AAMC recently released select information from its 2017 Report on Residents which confirms that 54.4% of graduated residents are practicing in their state of residency.  Interested in a particular specialty?  Or if residents are practicing in underserved areas? They have that too! Use ...[Read More]

For a better understanding of how the ACGME reviews your ADS

For a better understanding of how the ACGME reviews your ADS (Accreditation Data System) during its annual review, see this JGME article: Key Take-Aways: One explicit goal of the new system is for RCs (Review Committees) to improve programs more quickly through the annual review of programs on probation or warning to determine whethe ...[Read More]

In-depth series – Quality Improvement

Throughout the year we will explore quality improvement as our in-depth topic.  Join us on a mini-tour of tools, resources and ways to incorporate quality improvement models in everyday GME.  Our final installment will focus on the latest articles that provide insight and support for implementing quality improvement in GME.  Use these articles to spark discussion at your GMEC or PEC meetings. Barb ...[Read More]

CLER Resources

With the third round of CLER visits underway, now is a good time to re-visit the ACGME CLER website for up to date information in the form of domain briefs, webinars, and the latest version of CLER Pathways 1.1.  You will quickly see how updates to common program and institutional requirements have been aligned with CLER expectations.

Special Duty Hours Article in JGME

The JGME published a special article about duty hours in the December 2017 issue.  Since it came out during the busy holiday season, this month is a good time to catch up on all of your GME reading!  The article, by Burchiel, et al, focuses on the updated 2017 duty hour standards that were part of the common program requirement revision.  The article is available here.

Our 2018 Spring Education Schedule Is HERE!

  We have finalized our schedule for the first half of 2018, and we can’t wait for you to see it! There are tons of great new topics, including plenty to help you and your institution with Faculty Development, CLER, DIO Competencies, Institutional Site Visit Prep Process & many MORE! Click HERE to view our upcoming Webinars 

Conference registration is open!

        Conference registration is open!  Two of the major GME conference registrations are open and we encourage all of you to register early and attend at least one of them.  Partners will have a booth at both the ACGME and AHME conferences, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

ABIM Policy for Program Director

You may have heard something about the ABIM continuing to enforce its policy that all program director attestations for board eligibility be completed by an ABIM certified program director.  This policy has been modified to allow for attestations to be completed by any certified program director until 2020, to accommodate the transition of AOA programs to ACGME.  Beginning in 2021, all program dir ...[Read More]

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