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CLER Issue Briefs

  Have you checked out the latest CLER issue brief on Professionalism?  With all of the activities we are dealing with this time of year, it is easy to miss some of the latest information on CLER.  Use the briefs for a deeper understanding of what the CLER program has discovered and to spark conversations at your PEC and GMEC meetings.  All of the briefs are available here.

Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit

Are you looking to improve your Quality Improvement Curriculum? Follow this link to access a great resource from the “Institute for Healthcare Improvement. If you would like to access our full webinar on “Quality Improvement – Are you Meeting the New Requirements”, check it our in our On-demand section.  

2016-2017 ACGME Data Book

Hot off the press!  Make sure to download the latest edition of the ACGME Data Resource Book. A must for every program and institution, the data book is one of the most comprehensive sources for all things related to GME.  Stay tuned as we use our blog to review sections of the data book and see how you can use this resource to aid in analyzing your own program.


This framework should include: Guidelines for Early Identification Identification of Early vs Late Identifiers Faculty Development And recognize possible barriers to an effective intervention Guidelines for early identification There are several elements to keep in mind during the initial phase of struggling learner identification. The underlying concept here is that this is a time of learner supp ...[Read More]

Faculty Development Needs Assessment

One of the areas that we see and hear programs struggle with is faculty development.  During interviews, we find that faculty are all over the board with what their individual needs are and what they feel the program, as a whole, requires.  One of the first steps to determine where programs and institutions should focus their faculty development efforts on is to complete a needs assessment survey. ...[Read More]

Board Eligibility for AOA Transitioning Program Residents

During the transition process of all residency training programs to the single accreditation system, many questions have come up regarding board eligibility for residents that graduate from a transitioned program. The AOA has published a table of board eligibility for AOA and ABMS boards that is useful in determining your residents’ eligibility to sit for either board.  View the latest information ...[Read More]

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

There are many different models for every kind of organization and process.  All of the models share a common foundation of analysis, implementation and review.  It is the process that each model uses that is different.  Search the literature for different models and pick one that works for you. For further information on quality methods visit the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

In-depth series – Quality Improvement

Throughout the year we will explore quality improvement as our in-depth topic.  Join us on a mini-tour of tools, resources and ways to incorporate quality improvement models in everyday GME.  Our third installment, of six, is to look at two methods that are frequently used in quality improvement. Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) Plan: Plan a change or improvement Do: Conduct a test of the change or imp ...[Read More]

Partners® GME Data Resources…What do they mean…What are they used for?

Sources of GME data are all around us and readily available. Use data to demonstrate oversight and compliance with ACGME requirements, for program and institutional improvement, and to understand GME processes and expectations. Partners is providing you with this GME data resource below. Gain a better understanding of ACGME terms to help with the AOA to ACGME transition process. Click HERE to Down ...[Read More]

Best Practices for APE

Using the APE to highlight successes as well as determine program needs If we only focus on the weaknesses and challenges during the APE process, this process will become something that everyone dreads. It’s important to celebrate successes during the APE. Involving the entire program (residents, faculty, staff, other departments) Use the APE to bring some unity to the entire program. When you hav ...[Read More]

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