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ACGME has Posted Proposed Requirements

The ACGME has posted proposed requirements for Osteopathic Recognition and for Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeltal Medicine.  Public comments are accepted through December 29, 2014.  You may view the proposed requirements here:

Common Program Requirements – Changes for 2015

Section II.A.4.n.).(5) of the CPR’s currently require the Program Director to obtain review and approval of either the GMEC or DIO before submitting a response to a proposed adverse action. The Common Program Requirements, which will become effective July 1, 2015, this will no longer be a requirement. While it may not be necessary with the Next Accreditation System, it leads to a question of auton ...[Read More]

Assessments are Upon Us

Milestone assessments are upon us. Programs have from November 3, 2014 through January 9, 2015 to enter their milestone assessments for all of their residents. Make sure you have blocked out enough time to complete this important ACGME accreditation requirement.

Blackout Dates

Reminder – You have until December 19, 2014 to submit your “blackout dates” for scheduling of CLER site visits. The CLER program offers institutions the ability to submit up to 15 dates during the calendar year 2015 that should be avoided when scheduling a CLER visit. You may do so by logging into ADS as the DIO and clicking on “Blackout Dates” located under the “Institutions” tab.

GME News Alert!

ACGME posts their Guidance Statement on Ebola Virus Infection and Resident/Fellow Training in the United States. Click here to access the statement that was recently posted on the ACGME website.

Recruitment Season

Recruitment season is upon us. As you move through this year’s recruitment keep notes on what worked well, what you could improve upon and what did not go as planned.   Your notes can become part of your annual program evaluation (APE) and provide additional insight into the quality of your residency program. Best wishes for a successful recruitment!

Attention AOA Programs and Institutions

We are beginning to receive updates on the Unified Accreditation System. If you are an AOA program or institution, please be sure to visit the Unified Accreditation Page on the ACGME website for timelines, procedures and a FAQ. ( Remember, ...[Read More]

In Depth: Resident/Fellow Learning and Working Environment – Part 3 of 6

The institutional requirements were aligned to follow the six CLER focus areas. Over the next few months, we will take a look at each of the six learning and working environment requirements and provide some questions for you to think about in order to gauge how well you meet the requirement. This week we will take a look at transitions in care. III.B. The Sponsoring Institution is responsible for ...[Read More]

They’re Back!

They’re back!!! Remember all those great DIO resources that we had on duty hours, PD time, and scholarly activity that compared all specialties? Well…they are back AND updated to reflect all of the recent changes. Be sure to check them out and save them for future use. I know of many DIO’s who use the table of PD Protected time every year to support their program directors receiving the appropriat ...[Read More]

Revised Application Forms

Applying for a new program? Make sure that you are using the latest specialty application form. In July of this year the ACGME posted revised application forms for many programs. If you have been working on yours for a while, take the time to make sure that you are using the correct form.

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