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Looking for a way to embrace well-being concepts and weave them into the curriculum of your Internal Medicine residency

  Looking for a way to embrace well-being concepts and weave them into the curriculum of your Internal Medicine residency? This initiative from ACP (American College of Physicians) might interest you. Consider sending one of your faculty to earn a Well-Being Champion Certificate. “The Champions, who are trained ACP members passionate about ensuring the health and well-being of their col ...[Read More]

Physician – Patient Communication

Communication is the key to success with everything we do in GME.  If you are looking for some communication education for your residents and faculty visit Health Communication Partners, a website that produces a series of 10 minute podcasts on effective physician-patient communication. The podcasts are complimentary, do not require a login and address many of the cultural diversity/disparity/comm ...[Read More]

Our 2018 Summer / Fall Education Schedule is HERE!

We have finalized our schedule for the second half of 2018, and we can’t wait for you to see it! There are tons of great new topics, including plenty to help you and your institution with Faculty Development, Milestones, Policies, Institutional 10 Year Site Visit Prep Process & many MORE! Click HERE to view our upcoming Webinars 

The ACGME Surveys 2018 are here…now what?

The ACGME Surveys 2018 are here…now what? Mystified as to how to interpret and use the information in the ACGME surveys? A starting point is to compare your program’s reports against your own specialty. To do this, you will need to look at the separate specialty report provided by the ACGME. (NOTE: The final column on the standard program report is the national mean for all residents a ...[Read More]

In Loving Memory – Margie C. Kleppick (Founder of Partners In Medical Education)

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Partners beloved founder, Margie Kleppick. Margie lost her long fought battle with lung and liver cancer as she passed peacefully in her sleep on April 30, 2018. Margie spent the majority of her career in graduate medical education with a passion to help people.  Her incredible work ethic and dedication to improving GME allowed her to help ma ...[Read More]

Internal Medicine PD views on Bullying

      If you joined us for the Bullying in the Workplace webinar last year, you will remember that there was limited research on bullying as it relates to residents.  As bullying, in general, is being researched in all fields, we are fortunate to have a brand new article published by the Journal of Graduate Medical Education this month.  Manasa S. Ayyala,  conducted a national surve ...[Read More]

Milestone Data NOT to Be Used for High Stakes Decisions

The ACGME has recently published a summary of the intention and purpose of the use of Milestone data.  Use of Milestones Data by External Entities for High Stakes Decisions – A Function for Which they Are not Designed or Intended reiterates that Milestone data is NOT to be used for high stakes decisions by any program, certifying board or licensing board. As we begin to work on Milestones 2.0 we m ...[Read More]

Resident Orientation

Resident orientation is right around the corner. We are starting to prepare now and use the format of yesteryears. There are lines of people who want to talk to the newbies, sharing their years of experience in areas such as risk management, value-based purchasing, performance excellence (HCAP’s), Joint Commission. The new resident’s eyes glass over as they try to process what they need to know to ...[Read More]

ACGME Data Resource Book – Part 1

A great item to have in your GME resource arsenal is the ACGME Data Resource Book.  Published annually, this reference contains an extraordinary amount of information related to GME including program, institution and resident characteristics, program activities, recruitment statistics and more.  Throughout the year we will take a look at specific sections to understand the benefit and value of the ...[Read More]

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request

The administration released requests for the fiscal year 2019 federal budget.  For 2019, GME funding has been addressed, and not in a good way.  The budget request is proposing a different system for GME funding based on “…hospitals that are committed to building a strong medical workforce”.  What this means is anyone’s guess, and of course, this is still in the early phase and is just a proposal; ...[Read More]

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