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There are many different models for every kind of organization and process.  All of the models share a common foundation of analysis, implementation and review.  It is the process that each model uses that is different.  Search the literature for different models and pick one that works for you. For further information on quality methods visit the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

In-depth series – Quality Improvement

Throughout the year we will explore quality improvement as our in-depth topic.  Join us on a mini-tour of tools, resources and ways to incorporate quality improvement models in everyday GME.  Our third installment, of six, is to look at two methods that are frequently used in quality improvement. Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) Plan: Plan a change or improvement Do: Conduct a test of the change or imp ...[Read More]

Partners® GME Data Resources…What do they mean…What are they used for?

Sources of GME data are all around us and readily available. Use data to demonstrate oversight and compliance with ACGME requirements, for program and institutional improvement, and to understand GME processes and expectations. Partners is providing you with this GME data resource below. Gain a better understanding of ACGME terms to help with the AOA to ACGME transition process. Click HERE to Down ...[Read More]

Best Practices for APE

Using the APE to highlight successes as well as determine program needs If we only focus on the weaknesses and challenges during the APE process, this process will become something that everyone dreads. It’s important to celebrate successes during the APE. Involving the entire program (residents, faculty, staff, other departments) Use the APE to bring some unity to the entire program. When you hav ...[Read More]

Wondering what is all involved in AOA to ACGME Single Accreditation?

Partners in Medical Education Inc has been working side-by-side with institutions and program to achieve their highest ACGME accreditation potential for our 20 years. We have expert field tested education, and reputable consultants to hold your hand along the journey. Below is a roadmap / infographic that briefly outlines the transition process. Download PDF version HERE!

It’s Policy Update Time!

Common Program Requirements, section VI, went into effect on July 1, 2017. Have you updated your policies to reflect the changes? Have your programs updated their policies? Now is the perfect time to map out policy updates and GMEC approval over the next few months.

Need More Joy in Work?

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement recently published a white paper titled IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work. Geared towards addressing burnout and the affect burnout has on work place systems, the white paper provides a framework for increasing joy in the workplace, sample protocols to try and a survey instrument to measure the effect. Click here for access to the article. Perlo, J., ...[Read More]

Call for Institution CLER proposals

The ACGME is looking for institutions to participate in a CLER patient-safety initiative. The deadline for applications is August 15. Further details are available here.

We all know what DGME and IME is…

We all know what DGME and IME is, yet have you ever wondered how this actually got started or what the exact language is? Check out the CMS site for information on DGME and IME.

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