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Process for Submitting CLER Blackout Weeks

Process for Submitting CLER Blackout Weeks — Five Weeks; Submitted Three Times Per Year. See the link for some important guidelines regarding submitting CLER Blackout dates! The first opportunity to schedule your CLER Blackout dates starts March 1st.

First year residents and EPA’s

A new, peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to medical education has just released its inaugural issue.  The Journal of Regional Medical Campuses(JRMC) provides articles on the benefits and challenges of regional medical campuses and their institutions.  Remember how medical school EPA’s were to be the key to assuring all entering residents were on the same page?  After a few years of use, ...[Read More]

Revised CPR’s Available For Review and Comment

The ACGME has published proposed Common Program Requirements for residency and fellowship on its website. Click here for proposed revisions, rationale behind the revisions, impact statements and comment form.  Comments are due by March 22, 2018.

Healthcare Disparities

Healthcare disparities have been studied since the early days of medicine, and continue to this day.   Often thought of as only a problem of the poor, healthcare disparities encompass much more than just level of income and affect all of us in some way.  Join us on February 8, 2018 for a webinar on Healthcare Disparities in GME Institutions to discover the link between GME and Healthcare Dispariti ...[Read More]

GME timeline

Welcome to the New Year!  Although programs are immersed in recruitment, rank order lists, and match it is a perfect time to brush off your GME calendar to ensure you are keeping abreast of program requirements. Download and Review our GME timeline.  Add and delete to make this work for your program.  Happy planning!

AAMC 2017 Report on Residents

We all hear that residents tend to stay relatively close to the area in which they complete their residency.  The AAMC recently released select information from its 2017 Report on Residents which confirms that 54.4% of graduated residents are practicing in their state of residency.  Interested in a particular specialty?  Or if residents are practicing in underserved areas? They have that too! Use ...[Read More]

For a better understanding of how the ACGME reviews your ADS

For a better understanding of how the ACGME reviews your ADS (Accreditation Data System) during its annual review, see this JGME article: Key Take-Aways: One explicit goal of the new system is for RCs (Review Committees) to improve programs more quickly through the annual review of programs on probation or warning to determine whethe ...[Read More]

In-depth series – Quality Improvement

Throughout the year we will explore quality improvement as our in-depth topic.  Join us on a mini-tour of tools, resources and ways to incorporate quality improvement models in everyday GME.  Our final installment will focus on the latest articles that provide insight and support for implementing quality improvement in GME.  Use these articles to spark discussion at your GMEC or PEC meetings. Barb ...[Read More]

CLER Resources

With the third round of CLER visits underway, now is a good time to re-visit the ACGME CLER website for up to date information in the form of domain briefs, webinars, and the latest version of CLER Pathways 1.1.  You will quickly see how updates to common program and institutional requirements have been aligned with CLER expectations.

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