Family Medicine & Dermatology Categorized

The following sets of requirements have been categorized, and have been posted for review and comment on the ACGME’s NAS micro-site, Deadlines for comment submissions and all additional relevant information can be found on the links provided. Dermatology Family Medicine Sub-specialties of psychiatry, including addiction, forensic, geriatric, and psychosomatic medicine

What are Milestones and How Will I Use Them?

Q: What are milestones and how will I use them in my programs? A: Milestones are observable developmental steps as a resident moves from a novice to a master and are based on the six domains of competency. They are specific to each specialty and have either been determined or are in process of being determined for each specialty.  Milestones will be one of the program performance indicators for pr ...[Read More]

10/31/2012 – GME News Alert!

ACGME has posted New Institutional Requirements and Geriatric Medicine (Family Medicine & Internal Medicine) Requirements for Review & Comment Visit the page here — New Institutional and Geriatric Medicine Requirements

10/26/2012 – GME News Alert!

ACGME has begun posting categorizations for specialty-specific requirements for Phase II specialties. Visit the page here —

10/10/2012 – GME News Alert!

Just Released from ACGME Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Program Updates Visit the page here —

08/31/2012 – GME News Alert!

Just Released from ACGME: Key Dates for Phase 1 Specialties NAS FAQs Download each PDF by clicking on the links above. Visit the page here —

08/15/2012 – GME News Alert!

Just Released from ACGME: Newly Approved – ACGME Board Policies and Procedures for the Next Accreditation System Visit the page here — Download the pdf file here — Final BOD Approved June NAS Policies and Procedures Web Doc.pdf

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