Tip of the Month: February 2014

CLER direction from ACGME If you have not downloaded and read “CLER Pathways to Excellence” from the ACGME do it now!  We have been waiting a long time for some direction and finally have it. A must read, this document covers all areas of the CLER visits along with expectations and properties of each of the 6 CLER focus areas. Visit the ACGME web site here to view the documents and lea ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: September 2013

Interview season has arrived once more. As you prepare the packets of information for the candidates, be sure to include everything specified in the revised ACGME Institutional Requirements. Any applicant invited to interview must be informed, in writing or by electronic means, of the applicable terms, conditions, and benefits either in effect at the time of the interview or that will be in effect ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: August 2013

Did you know the revised ACGME Institutional Requirements change the Resident Appointment/Contract requirements? Those changes are not effective until July 2014, but now is the time to revise the contracts for 2014-15, to have the version available for candidates who arrive for interviews in just a few short months. What changed?  The words in italics, below, are new or revised. No more vague refe ...[Read More]

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