In-depth Series: The Graduate Medical Education Committee. Part 3 of 6.

| April 18, 2016 | Print Article

Welcome to our newest in-depth series.  Over the next several months we will take an in-depth look at the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).  The standard for the GMEC is found in the Institutional Requirements, Section I.B.  Today we will look at meetings and attendance.


I.B.      GMEC

I.B.3.        Meetings and Attendance.  The GMEC must meet a minimum of once every quarter during each academic year. (Core)


  • Prepare a yearly calendar for your GMEC meetings to ensure at least one is scheduled is each quarter.
  • It may be beneficial to include additional meetings throughout the year, particularly around busier times or during the summer and/or holidays when attendance may not be as strong.
  • Larger institutions will benefit from more frequent GMEC meetings.


I.B.3.a)    Each meeting of the GMEC must include attendance by at least one resident/fellow member: (Core)

 Ensure at least one resident or fellow is always present. If you do not have a resident or fellow present, you do not have an official GMEC meeting.


  • Those GMEC’s that may only have the minimum number of residents appointed may want to consider appointing an alternative member. This alternative member must also be peer-selected.   
  • Consider using an attendance spreadsheet for a detailed attendance record.

I.B.3.b)  The GMEC must maintain meeting minutes that document execution of all required GMEC functions and responsibilities. (Core)

  • GMEC minutes must be complete and detailed and accurately reflect the discussions that are held at the GMEC. The reader should be able to understand and follow the discussion.
  • Consider using a grid or tracking sheet to make sure that the GMEC completes all of its required responsibilities. Although there are specific GMEC responsibilities (which we will review in the next installment), keep in mind that there are other functions of the GMEC that are found throughout the Institutional Requirements.


Please note that all of the meetings and attendance requirements are core requirements.  This means that all institutions, regardless of accreditation status, must meet these standards.