DIO Virtual Coaching

Man looking pensively at a laptop with thought bubbles surrounding him that include a dollar sign, and the words "Faculty," "Requirements," "GMEC," "Residents," and "Org Charts."Series curriculum will cover these six focus areas with the following learning objectives:

Understanding the DIO Role

  • Reviewing the DIO Job Description
  • Analyzing the DIO role from an outcome perspective
  • Outlining Sponsoring Institution operational basics
  • Discussing the use of DIO Competencies from AAMC for developing professional goals

Oversight of the Sponsoring Institution & Programs:

  •  Reviewing the Role of GMEC
  • Reviewing required GME policies, program policies and the approval process for both
  • Identifying and working with struggling programs, including when to do a Special Review
  • Identifying and working with struggling program directors

Working with the GME Office & ACGME

  • Planning GMEC to meet the GMEC requirements, including the “how” of documentation
  • Understanding the ACGME accreditation cycle for accreditation
  • Demystifying the ACGME Survey and how to respond to declining surveys

Quality of the Clinical Learning Environment

  • Discussing how to use the program APE to inform the AIR
  • Reviewing the CLER Initiatives and how to integrate them into the clinical learning environment
  • Structuring “touchpoints” for program-DIO throughout the academic year
  • Understanding the role of Participating Sites and the obligations of the sponsoring institution

Creating Relationships

  • Creating a Mentoring Network
  • Guiding discussions with the C-suite/Academic leadership
  • Developing Hospital/Departmental Relationships
  • Creating Strategies for creating working relationships with trainees, faculty, and program directors

GME Systems

  • Understanding GME finance
  • Providing an overview of capabilities of residency management systems (RMS)
  • Proposing a structure for DIO review of ADS updates
  • Enhancing your growth through GME Strategic Plans

Dates: Every other Friday beginning on April 11, 2025

  • April 11
  • April 25
  • May 9
  • May 23
  • June 6
  • June 20

Time: 1PM ET/12PM CT/11AM MT/10AMPT

Course ID: DIO200

Cost: $2,000 per DIO

Group pricing available: When registering 2 or more registrants, use coupon code “Bulk Reg” for $200 off each


Every other Friday starting April 11, 2025


1:00 ET



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