The Graduate Medical Education Committee

| July 25, 2016 | Print Article

In-depth Series: The Graduate Medical Education Committee. Part 5 of 6.

Welcome to our newest in-depth series. Over the next several months we will take an in-depth look at the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC). The standard for the GMEC is found in the Institutional Requirements, Section I.B. Today we will look at the Annual Institutional Review (AIR).

I.B.5. The GMEC must demonstrate effective oversight of the Sponsoring Institution’s accreditation through an Annual Institutional Review (AIR). (outcome)
I.B.5.a) The GMEC must identify institutional performance indicators for the AIR, which include: (Core)
I.B.5.a).(1). Results of the most recent institutional self-study visit; (Detail)

– Once institutions come on board you will include the results of the self-study visit.
– You may want to begin including an institutional SWOT as an introduction the self-study process.

I.B.5.a).(2) results of ACGME surveys of residents/fellows and core faculty members; and, (Detail)

– Many institutions use a dashboard or Excel spreadsheet to easily see program survey results in one document.
– You may also want to include the institutional aggregate reports of resident and faculty surveys.

I.B.5.a).(3) notification of each of its ACGME-accredited programs’ accreditation statuses and self-study visits. (Detail)

– Each program receives a letter of notification from the ACGME annually. These, along with results of any program self-studies, must be reviewed and part of the AIR.

I.B.5.b) The AIR must include monitoring procedures for action plans resulting from the review. (Core)

– It is easy for action plans to fall by the wayside. Make monitoring of the AIR action plan a standing agenda item so it is always visible.

I.B.5.c) The DIO must submit a written annual executive summary of the AIR to the Governing Body. (Core)

– Your summary should be an executive summary – not the entire report. Make sure you receive confirmation of the summary being reviewed by your governing body in minutes from that month’s board meeting.