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Tip of the Month: August 2013

Did you know the revised ACGME Institutional Requirements change the Resident Appointment/Contract requirements? Those changes are not effective until July 2014, but now is the time to revise the contracts for 2014-15, to have the version available for candidates who arrive for interviews in just a few short months. What changed?  The words in italics, below, are new or revised. No more vague refe ...[Read More]

Preparing for the New ACGME Policy and Procedures

In dealing with institutional, common program and specialty requirements, we in GME often forget about the global ACGME policies and procedures manual. With the implementation of NAS, the ACGME has made some major changes to the policies and procedures applicable to programs and sponsoring institutions. These changes go into effect July 1, 2013. Today, we’ll highlight a few. The updated ACGME Poli ...[Read More]

06/28/2013 – GME News Alert!

The ACGME has just posted the New Revised Institutional Requirements effective July 1, 2013 for new sponsoring institutions making new applications; July 1, 2014 for existing sponsoring institutions (including both multiple and single-programs). Additional documents were also posted under the “Common Resources” section: Clinical Competency Committee and Program Evaluation Committee FAQ ...[Read More]

Becoming a New Teaching Hospital?

Considering becoming a teaching hospital? Partners’ can help!  Check out our helpful On-Demand Webinar to start learning about what it takes to bring Graduate Medical Education (GME) to your institution. Purchase the On-Demand Webinar Learn about our New Teaching Hospital Assessment and New Residency Program Assessment consulting services.

GME Resources

In the ever changing field of Graduate Medical Education (GME), it becomes critical to keep up with the latest information about accreditation, educational initiatives and everyday residency program activities.  Use the list below as a starting point for developing your own resources for GME.  Schedule time into your weekly schedule, 15 or 30 minutes is all it takes, to develop a habit of checking ...[Read More]

On-Demand Webinars Released!

Introducing Partners’ Recorded webinars available On-Demand 24/7! Same quality education as our Live Webinars Flexible option for times when a staff member isn’t available for the Live Webinar On-demand listening right at your own computer Education when you want it, where you want it!

Family Medicine & Dermatology Categorized

The following sets of requirements have been categorized, and have been posted for review and comment on the ACGME’s NAS micro-site, Deadlines for comment submissions and all additional relevant information can be found on the links provided. Dermatology Family Medicine Sub-specialties of psychiatry, including addiction, forensic, geriatric, and psychosomatic medicine

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety: What Can I Do Now?

Q: There was a common theme throughout this year’s ACGME Annual Education Conference; incorporating residents into the institutions’ patient safety and quality improvement plan. What are some simple things I can do now to start this process? A: Patient safety and quality improvement activities have been underlying themes throughout the program and institutional requirements. In the Nex ...[Read More]

What are Milestones and How Will I Use Them?

Q: What are milestones and how will I use them in my programs? A: Milestones are observable developmental steps as a resident moves from a novice to a master and are based on the six domains of competency. They are specific to each specialty and have either been determined or are in process of being determined for each specialty.  Milestones will be one of the program performance indicators for pr ...[Read More]

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