Graduate Medical Education Consulting

Partners® has worked with countless community hospitals, health systems, consortiums and universities. Whether your goal is to have your institution and programs achieve the best possible outcomes, become an accredited institution, or transition from AOA to ACGME Accreditation, Partners® has the GME hands-on consulting experts you need.

Institutional and Program Accreditation

Partners® will work with you to address areas identified as needing attention or being out of compliance with ACGME accreditation requirements through a combination of off-site review of documentations and on-site interviews, as well as resident evaluations and resident remediations.

Our expert Graduate Medical Education Consultants will identify the issues and areas of concern, provide you with a report of findings along with an action plan, and guide you to implement those recommendations.

Partners® seasoned consultants will provide a comprehensive assessment, review and assistance to complete the ACGME application for initial accreditation or continued accreditation for both the institution and program.  This includes unlimited reviews, annotated notes and recommendations, as well as review of all required attachments/documents and assistance with developing required policies and processes.

A Partners® seasoned consultant will provide a comprehensive assessment of the availability of institutional and programmatic resources necessary to transition from the AOA accreditation system to the ACGME accreditation system, including a thorough review of the current structure, processes, and policies.  We will identify any additional resources that need to be in place to achieve initial ACGME accreditation. Also, we will help define gaps and provide specific recommendations and expected resource requirements to support and sustain ACGME requirements.

Partners® works with you and your GMEC to develop a protocol to use for your annual institutional review (AIR) that meets the ACGME requirements by identifying the issues and areas of concern and helping you implement an action plan.

Partners® works with you and your PEC to develop a process for your Annual Program Evaluation (APE) to evaluate the effectiveness of your programs curriculum, address areas of non-compliance and assist with initiative implementation to improve performance.

Self-Study visits are scheduled every 10 years to assess the institution’s and/or program’s success at self-improvement.

Partners® works with you and the requirements of your institution or program to develop a process for your Self Study in order to assess and demonstrate where you have created and maintained an effective learning and working environment.  Your Self-Study should highlight how your program leads to desired educational outcomes, how you are maximizing your strengths and addressing your weaknesses, along with a plan for improvement that we will help you to implement.

Partners® works with you and your GMEC to develop a protocol to use for your Special Review Process that meets the requirements, which includes establishing a criteria for underperformance, creating QI goals, implementing corrective actions and developing a system to monitor outcomes.

Partners® will provide a safe environment for your program or institution’s stakeholders to conduct a SWOT analysis, develop aims, and implement the new strategies and take action on those plans.

Partners® works with your faculty to assess and correct challenge areas, as well as improve areas of excellence by delivering powerful, customized educational sessions.  Our educational strategy begins with an interactive needs assessment followed by creation of a faculty development program tailored to your learning and strategic objectives, including a live or remote educational session, stand-alone educational slides, group discussions, facilitated exercises, situational role-play, and workshops with hands-on document development.

Partners® helps you assess your institutional processes and identify milestones and areas for improvement within the six focus areas (patient safety, health care quality, care transitions, supervision, duty hours and fatigue management and mitigation, and professionalism).  We do this through on-site interviews, real-time environment observation, and creating a learning environment action plan.

Let Partners®assist you in performing a complete review of Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) required policies and procedures at the institution and program levels. We ensure that your policies contain the latest ACGME requirements and align with you GME accreditation goals.

Don’t have the policies and procedures you need to meet ACGME requirements? We can help with that too!

Partners® seasoned GME consultants bring useful, outside perspectives, as well as become an integral part of your team, helping you enhance your ACGME accreditation status, improve and streamline GME operations and management, and provide medical education with real-world guidance.

New Teaching Hospital and New Program Start-Ups

Partners® seasoned GME consultants conduct Feasibility & Finance Assessments through off-site review of documents, interviews with stakeholders and a finance assessment of your institution’s resources in compliance with ACGME accreditation requirements. We provide a written report, financial projections, action plan, and on-site presentations to stakeholders. In addition, we can provide faculty development and educational sessions to prepare new program directors and faculty for the work ahead.

Once the initial start-up GME consulting work with you is complete, it doesn’t end there. Partners® builds relationships and supports continuous learning and skill development. We offer online educational products related to the most pertinent topics in GME. Visit our GME Educational Webinars – Live & On-Demand page to learn more.


"Partners in Medical Education Webinars succeed in distilling information and tips from national GME meetings into items program directors and coordinators can immediately put into action."

- Tracey Tierney, Administrative Director, Adventist Health White Memorial

"Partners® always beats my expectations. I have taken webinars from other vendors, and they are never as informational."

- P. Fierro, Administrative Director, GME, Mercy Catholic Medical Center

"Partners® is there to assist you, in meeting whatever your needs are, in all ways."

- P. Hardy, DIO, Director of Academic Affairs, Saint Joseph Hospital

"We have really appreciated your insight and the extra efforts Partners® made to help us meet our deadline. Our Sponsor Institution application has been submitted, and we truly could not have done this without Partners®. You have been such a pleasure to work with."

- Katelyn Sherland, GME Coordinator, Liberty University

“Partners® provides expert, insightful, and experience-based guidance...”

- T. Murphy, Director Dept. of Medical Education, Mount Sinai Medical Center

"An easy way to fit ongoing self improvement into a busy schedule..."

- H. Olson, Medical Education, Tripler Army Medical Center

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