Does the PEC (Program Evaluation Committee) need to meet more often than once a year?

| August 13, 2018 | Print Article

While the requirement in the Common Program Requirements states that the PEC needs to meet a minimum of one time a year to complete the Annual Program Evaluation (APE), the role of the PEC is quite comprehensive. If your program is keen on being in a “continuous improvement mode”, the PEC should be meeting on a regular basis.

This can mean as much as monthly throughout the entire academic year.

Why so often?

The task list of the PEC is long…

    1. plan, develop, implement, and evaluate educational activities of the program;
    1. review and make recommendations for revisions of competency-based curriculum goals and objectives;
    1. address areas of non-compliance with ACGME standards; and
  1. document formal, systematic evaluation of the curriculum at least annually

One last reason to meet more often is because it’s the resident voice in the improvement process.

On more than one occasion I have worked with programs who have residents who do not feel that the program improves based on evaluations (“Satisfied that program uses evaluations to improve”). When I ask if the PEC meets more than once a year, the answer is usually “no.” The PEC is your greatest vehicle for improving this perception. Not only because you are required to have residents on the PEC, but because the PEC is the most “tangible way” you can demonstrate program improvements to all of your residents.