The Graduate Medical Education Committee. Part 1 of 6

| January 18, 2016 | Print Article

In-depth Series:  The Graduate Medical Education Committee.  Part 1 of 6.

Welcome to our newest in-depth series.  Over the next several months we will take an in-depth look at the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).  The standard for the GMEC is found in the Institutional Requirements, Section I.B.  Today we will look at membership.

I.B.      GMEC

I.B.1.        Membership

I.B.1.a)    A Sponsoring Institution with multiple ACGME-accredited programs must have a GMEC that includes at least the following voting members: (Core)

I.B.1.a).(1) the DIO; (Core)

– The DIO must always be included on the GMEC. 

I.B.1.a).(2)a  representative sample of program directors (minimum of two) from its ACGME-accredited programs; (Core)

– For those institutions that may have less than 15 programs, it may make sense to include all program directors.  For those institutions with many programs, it is not necessary to include all of the program directors, as that would make for a very large, unmanageable committee. A model to try is a mix of core and specialty PD’s for the core GMEC and call on the other PD’s for sub-committee membership.  Remember, though, to include all PD’s in any GME/GMEC announcements and information that you may distribute.

I.B.1.a).(3) a minimum of two peer-selected residents/fellows from among its ACGME-accredited programs; and, (Core)

Institutions usually have residents on their GMEC; however they are sometimes assigned or appointed by default of their PGY levels.  Residents must select themselves for representation on the GMEC.  It is permissible to assist residents with the logistics of election, but please do not appoint yourself.

I.B.1.a).(4)a quality improvement or patient safety officer or designee.(Core)

– A relatively newer standard, the QI/PT Safety officer member requirement is a direct result of the CLER program expectations for institutions. Use this appointment to educate and assist your members and programs about QI and patient safety at the institution and bridge the gap between departmental goals and institutional goals.

I.B.1.b).(1) through I.B.1.b).(5) provides the standards for single program sponsors.  The requirements are the same with the two exceptions: 1) if there is only one resident in the program, he or she is automatically appointed to the GMEC; and, 2) there must be at least one or more individuals from a different department outside of the specialty, that is active in GME, appointed to the GMEC.

Please note all of the membership standards are core requirements.  This means every program, regardless of accreditation status, must include the above referenced individuals.