ACGME Institutional Requirements

| December 20, 2012 | ,,, | Print Article

NEW! Have you taken a look at the new ACGME Institutional Requirements that are proposed to go into effect July 1, 2014?

There are many changes coming to the responsibilities that institutions have for oversight of GME. Let’s take a look at the new additions to the make-up of the GMEC and what you can do now to be ready for these new changes.

Membership of the GMEC commitment is further defined and who must be included and be a voting member:

1. A minimum of two (2) peer-selected residents; one resident must always attend a GMEC. Peer-selected residents have always been required to attend the GMEC, but now the ACGME is requiring at least two (2) residents be appointed and at least one (1) resident always attend.

Partners Recommends: Review your GMEC attendance grids to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements. Get residents in the habit of attending the GMEC meeting. Work with the programs the appointed residents are from to provide protected time for the resident to attend the GMEC meeting. Stress the importance of the peer-selected position to the residents that are appointed.

2. A quality improvement/safety officer. It has always been a best practice to include a QI officer but now the ACGME is requiring that a QI officer be a member of GMEC. This further strengthens the focus on QI/Safety at an institutional level.

Partners Recommends: Identify a person from your QI or Patient Safety department who will be an asset to your residency programs. Appoint this person now so that they get in the habit of attending the GMEC meetings and become familiar with requirements and working with the residency programs and the residents. Be sure to provide an orientation and training for this person if he/she is not familiar with GME or has not been involved with your programs previously.