“Ask Partners” March 24, 2016 – Live Webinar: Q & A

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“Ask Partners” – Live Webinar Q & A:

Thank you to all who joined us March 24, 2016 for our Our 10th annual “Ask Partners – Spring Freebie” Webinar.

Here are a few of the questions that were asked on the call that we would like to share with you, along with the answers.

Q1:  Are the program ADS updates going to be sent to the DIO for review prior to submission to the ACGME? This is a much needed step!

A1:  We were told at the conference that the ADS team is looking to add a check-box for DIO approval for ADS update submissions. There was no estimated time frame as to when this may occur.  We will have to keep our eyes open!

Q2:  Are Self-Study visits for programs off for two years as well?

A2:  Unfortunately, no.  Programs were given grace periods in the beginning; however grace periods have ended for all Phase I and Phase II programs.  You may log into ADS to see your self-study date.

Q3:  If the SI received Continued Accreditation with Warning due to programs within SI being on Continued Accreditation with Warning, will the IRC remove the with warning status from the SI now that the programs no longer have with warning status and now have status of Continued Accreditation?

A3:  The Institutional Review Committee reviews all available data about the sponsoring institution when rendering a decision, including the accreditation status of its sponsored residencies.  If the data shows that the institution has other issues or citations, in addition to the accreditation with warning for its programs, they may decide to sustain the Continued Accreditation with Warning for the institution — even if the programs no longer have Continued Accreditation with Warning.

These were great questions!  We hope you find this information beneficial, and will join us again for future webinars. Partners® is looking forward to our next “Live Webinar” which is April 12, 2016 – “Self Study: Who, What, Why & How?” Hope you can join us!