First year residents and EPA’s

| February 15, 2018 | Print Article

A new, peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to medical education has just released its inaugural issue.  The Journal of Regional Medical Campuses(JRMC) provides articles on the benefits and challenges of regional medical campuses and their institutions.  Remember how medical school EPA’s were to be the key to assuring all entering residents were on the same page?  After a few years of use, it appears that this may not be the silver bullet we all expected.  The current issue of JRMC has an informative article by Craig, S., et al that gives us a glimpse into what they found regarding resident preparation based on the EPA’s.  Use this article to compare what you are seeing at your institution and to inspire your own testing and evaluation.

Craig, S.R., Smith, H.L., Anderson-Suddarth, J.L., Galioto, N.J., Ganske, C.M., Severidt, L.A., Sidwell, R.A., & Yost, W.J. (2018). Evaluation of resident confidence performing entrustable professional activities during the first year of residency training. Journal of Regional Medical Campuses 1(1), published on-line, doi: 10.24926/jrmc.v1i1.1001