Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

| March 17, 2014 | Print Article

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and in the spirit of being green – we have a few tips for you to be green in GME.

  • As GMEC agendas become longer and contain more information to be reviewed, consider emailing the agenda and attachments to your members.  You can utilize a computer and projector to display the documents for review during the meeting and save a few trees along the way.
  • Utilize your electronic residency management system to its fullest potential.   Take advantage of the storage capacity available to you for all things related to your residents and residency program.
  • Post your residency manuals, GME policies and other informational documents that your residents and faculty need on your institutions intranet site.  When documents are updated, you can simply refer your program to the web site for the latest information.
  • Consider an electronic archiving system for your graduate files.  Many institutions have moved to electronic archiving for personnel files – see if you can be part of that movement to not only electronically store your old files, but to free up precious storage space within the institution.