Pam’s Pearl – New Residents and Well-Being

| August 27, 2018 | Print Article

Now is the time to be extra vigilant with new residents and well-being.  Orientation is done and first rotations are completed.  I’ve had three residents this past 10 days needing encouragement and assistance as they transition in to the role of a care provider.  These are good residents.  They have put themselves under pressure as they feel the burden of caring for patients and feel inadequate to do so.  It is so far from the truth.  Helping them understand their role in the care team, the support measures from senior residents, and the supervision of attending physicians is critical.  Watch for the signs.  In fact, be proactive and schedule breakfast meetings in groups of 5 – 8 to discuss how our first-year residents are acclimating.  Make sure faculty mentors understand they are needed now not just at a check-in.  We have to be pro-active.  What are you doing for residency resilience?