Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Its Impact on GME

Presenter: Heather Peters, M. Ed, PhD
Tori Hanlon, MS, CHCP

Recorded: August, 2020

Webinar Description:
During the spring, due to the COVID-19 alterations to our educational programs, AI (Artificial Intelligence) was front and center. How can we prepare our faculty and our trainees for this shift in medical training?

Webinar Objectives:


  • DISCUSS types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) requiring curricular changes
    • Telehealth
    • Medical Information Explosion
    • Big Data
  • INVESTIGATE the impact of AI on the future of GME
    • How to weave AI into the the Core Competency Framework across specialties
    • How to teach educational agility and a new paradigm for change
    • How to influence the drivers of AI development of the future to positively impact GME


  • Leveraging Journal Club to Meet Common Program Requirements
  • Model for Curriculum Development
  • Assessing Institutional/Program Readiness for Integrating AI into GME



August, 2020