Ask Partners – Spring Freebie

Presenter: Heather Peters, M.Ed, Ph.D / Christine Redovan, MBA / Tori Hanlon, MS, CHCP

Recorded: March, 2017

Webinar Description:
Our GME Consultants give you their take on key takeaways, trends and topics from the ACGME conference.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Discuss updates and timeline regarding changes to Sponsoring Institution accreditation standards and Sponsoring Institution Self-Studies
  • Note trends of ACGME Meeting: Scenario planning, Imagining the future for our current trainees, Revisions to the Common Program Requirements, Trainee and Faculty well-being and Lean Six Sigma Concepts
  • Discover the latest updates to the Accreditation Data System (ADS)
  • Use of Glassick’s Six Standards for Scholarly Work
  • Provide a self-study timeline for programs
  • Examine self-study best practices as presented at the ACGME Annual Conference
  • Review lessons learned from programs who have completed self-studies