Getting to the Next Stage – Program Improvement I

Presenter: Carmela Meyer, MBA, Ed.D and Heather Peters, M.Ed., Ph.D

Recorded: January, 2022

Webinar Description:
Continuous program improvement is best accomplished through an active PEC. In Part I, we will look at how to create action plans, implement those plans, and realize desired outcomes. Tools, such as the Annual Program Evaluation (APE) and end-of-rotation evaluations, are key to consistent improvement.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Discuss the role of the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) in promoting continuous program improvement
  • Outline the elements of quality action plans, including suggested quality measures and best practices for implementation
  • Discover opportunities to engage your Patient Safety and Risk Management team
  • Discuss continuous program improvement tools, including the Annual Program Evaluation (APE), end-of-rotation evaluations, and others

January, 2022