GME Check-up: Is Your GMEC Meeting Its New Responsibilities?

Presenter: Candace DeMaris, MAIS

Recorded: April, 2016

Webinar Description:

ACGME requires the GMEC take a more active role in oversight of the Sponsoring Institution’s programs. Learn how to organize your GMEC and document efforts to improve the quality of education and the learning environment for maximum impact.

Webinar Objectives:

  1. Review the GMEC’s structure and responsibilities under the most recent institutional requirements, including:
  • GMEC membership and meetings
  • Institutional resources
  • Oversight of evaluation and improvement processes, including:
  • Annual Institutional Review (AIR)
  • GMEC Special Review
  • Annual Program Evaluation (APE)
  • The clinical learning and working environment (CLER)
  • Institutional policies and procedures

2. Suggest actions that the GMEC must take to comply with the institutional requirements

3. Provide tools for demonstrating effective oversight and monitoring