GME Finance – Part 1

Presenter: Carmela Meyer, MBA, Ed.D. and Tori Hanlon, MS

Recorded: April, 2024

Webinar Description:
This two-part series will take you through several aspects of GME finance.  Part one will focus on the financial and socio-economic impact of GME.  Cost of GME, funding sources, including CMS funding and HRSA grants, as well as the community impact of GME will be discussed.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Discuss the mission of CMS funding for GME
  • Identify the components of DGME and IME
  • Identify the cap and the impact of being over cap.
  • Utilize the C-Suite priorities to discuss GME
  • Describe the initial residency period and the impact on GME.

April, 2024