Making “Cents” Out of GME Financing

Presenter: Pam Royston, PhD

Recorded: October, 2018

Webinar Description:

Clinicians use medical terminology when diagnosing or treating patients. Similarly there is terminology that is important in business.  Graduate Medical education (GME) is a business. The revenue side of GME is complex and at times doesn’t make “cents”.    In order to be effective advocating for your program and GME, you need to understand how the C-suite considers business decisions.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Describe the costs of your training program.
  • Develop an expense budget.
  • Describe indirect and direct GME Medicare funding.
  • Identify where to find GME revenue on the Cost Report.
  • Estimate contribution margin of your training program.
  • Calculate the opportunity costs with program elimination.



October, 2018