Meet the Experts – Fall Freebie

Presenter: Heather Peters, M.Ed, Ph.D
Christine Redovan, MBA
Pam Royston, Ph.D
Grace Brannan, Ph.D

Recorded: November, 2019

Webinar Description:

It’s that time of year again!  Our team of consultants will give you some of the highlights of what they have seen as the biggest challenges for programs and institutions over the past year and any relevant updates to past webinars.

Webinar Objectives:
Best Practices for the PEC

  • Review the required structure of the GME program and discuss best practices for the PEC (Program Evaluation Committee)

Pseudo Academics

  • Recognize fake journals and conferences

Maximizing Resident FTE’s – Being Prepared for CMS Audit

  • State when resident FTE’s need to be finalized
  • Indicate what rotations count, don’t count, and maybe count
  • Describe good rotation names
  • Do you need an agreement???

Authorship (How to Keep Scholarly Work Ethical)

  • Discuss Authorship and provide Best Practices

November, 2019