Recognizing & Addressing Precursors of Burnout: The Value of Shame Resiliency Training to Support Resident Well-Being

Presenter: Amie Langbein, DO, PCC, CDWF

Recorded: May, 2020

Webinar Description:

Residency is an extraordinarily demanding time.  On a daily basis, residents encounter issues of life and death, arduously long work hours and a serious imbalance of personal time.  In the face of this, many residents experience feelings of inadequacy and not feeling “good enough”:  feelings of shame.  Recognizing how shame manifests itself in residency and why, is critical for creating meaningful strategies and programs to support resident well-being, before burnout becomes an issue.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Define shame and identify how it shows up and impacts medical trainees
  • Recognize the challenges of medical education that contribute to feelings of shame and burnout
  • Distinguish shame resiliency and resiliency
  • Understand why early intervention is critical
  • Introduce resilience exercises/tools to encourage resident well-being



May, 2020