Tip of the Month: October 2013

| October 1, 2013 | Print Article

Your Sponsoring Institution’s Statement of Commitment to GME may need to be revised to conform to the revised ACGME Institutional Requirements.

New language has been added to the requirements (see Institutional Requirements, Section I.A.6). The required written statement must specify the Sponsoring Institution’s commitment to providing the necessary administrative support (as well as educational support). In addition, the Statement must document commitment to providing the necessary clinical resources, including personnel.

The revised requirement specifies that the Statement must be signed by the DIO, as well as by a representative of the SI’s senior administration, and a representative of the Governing Body.

But one change will reduce your burden once you have updated the Statement for your institution. Now, the Statement must be reviewed, dated, and signed at least once every five years – not within the year of a survey. The ACGME surveys are unpredictable under NAS!