Financial Literacy in GME

| August 17, 2018 | Print Article
Financial literacy is something that is not routinely taught in medical school or residency.  We are starting to hear more and more about financial literacy in GME; from personal finance all the way to running a hospital.  In order to train our residents to be future leaders, financial literacy is a must.  Resources are plentiful; however how do you know who to trust and what to listen to?  First and foremost, use your own faculty as examples.  I’m sure you have faculty who can provide guidance and direction.  Second, check within your own HR department.  The hospital may have individuals on staff or in a position to assist with education.  Additionally, your affiliated medical school may have resources. Third, reach out to trusted sources you, or your colleagues, may use.  Lastly, use the resources from the AAMC and AMA to further your own education and guide your financial literacy curriculum.