Happy New Year!

| January 5, 2015 | Print Article
Happy New Year!  In keeping with tradition, we have come up with a few GME resolutions for all of you (and us!) to make a habit in 2015.
  1. Keep up with ACGME, AOA and other GME related websites.  Schedule 15-30 minutes each week (think Friday afternoon when you are itching to start the weekend!) to visit relevant GME websites and read the latest news in your specialty.
  2. Invest in yourself.  Make every effort to invest in educating yourself.  Partners offers several cost effective options through online education. Also, try to attend at least one local, regional or national workshop on GME.  What you learn will more than pay off for you, your program and your institution.
  3. Share your expertise and knowledge.  Take every opportunity to share what you know and teach others.  Together we can create a dynamic GME community that thrives on our active involvement.