Highlights from the May 2014 AHME Meeting

| June 1, 2014 | Print Article
  • We were reminded that the 89 key properties in the CLER Pathways document are NOT requirements. They are to be used to guide you in planning and assessing your clinical learning environment.
  • Faculty development remains a hot topic and one of the most challenging for programs and institutions.
  • Institutions are using all of the available data to create program and institutional report cards.
  • There are 3 bills related to GME financing in congress now: S. 577; H.R 1180 and H.R. 1201. Check them out!
  • Look for an IOM report on GME financing to be published sometime in late June.
  • Although no additional details were revealed, the unified accreditation system appears to be gaining momentum, with both ACGME and AOA working on final details.