Crafting “Top-Notch” Goals, Objectives and Evaluations

Presenter: Tori Hanlon, MS, CHCP / Heather Peters, M.Ed, Ph.D

Recorded: September, 2019

Webinar Description:
Tying goals and objectives to evaluations leads to better performance data. But how do you get there? This webinar will look at how to write goals and objectives that are measurable and meaningful to the learner. Best practices for creating evaluations based on those goals and objectives will be explored.

Webinar Objectives:

  • DISCUSS the rationale for spending time developing QUALITY goals, objectives, and evaluations
  • DIFFERENTIATE between goals and objectives
  • EXPAND on the concept of a robust evaluation system
  • OUTLINE the connections of goals, objectives, and evaluations to…
    • ACGME survey questions
    • ACGME accreditation site visits

September 2019