Getting to the Next Stage – Program Improvement II

Presenter: Carmela Meyer, Ed.D and Heather Peters, M.Ed., Ph.D

Recorded: March, 2022

Webinar Description:
Continuous program improvement doesn’t mean continuous additional work. In Part II, we will see how to complete this work by engaging stakeholders into the process and to utilize institution initiatives to maximize your efforts. Specific discussion on how to work on the “thorny issues” will be a focus of this webinar.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Review data-driven decision-making process with an actual GME situation
  • Discuss how to leverage stakeholder support to further continuous program improvement (CPI)
  • Analyze current institutional initiatives to maximize their impact on continuous program improvement (CPI)
  • Revisit the role of the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) and delve into how to resolve “thorny issues” in GME programs

March, 2022