How to Manage A Virtual Site Visit

Presenter: Christine Redovan, MBA, MLIS

Recorded: January, 2021

Webinar Description:

As if prepping for a site visit was not stressful enough, COVID-19 has altered how ACGME site visits are conducted and how we prepare. In this session we will look at what has changed with the site visit process, best practices for preparing documents and participants, and strategies for a seamless virtual visit.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Scheduling Site Visits: new programs, black-out dates, overdue site visits
  • Pre-Site Visit Preparation: technology dry runs, preparing site visit participants, ADS, communicating with the site visitor
  • Day of the Site Visit: correcting documents, best practices, back-up plans
  • Post Site Visit: communication with site visitor, site visit debrief
  • Site Visit Preparedness in 2021



January, 2021