PEC: Best Practices

Presenter: Heather Peters, M.Ed, Ph.D

Recorded: February, 2020

Webinar Description:

The Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) has the potential to revolutionize your program structure. Join us as we discover how to leverage the PEC to offload the many demands on the leadership and teach residents how to address change in a professional manner

Webinar Objectives:

  • Discuss Background and Intent of Program Evaluation & Improvement
  • Review revised APE requirements
  • Examine the ACGME program structure
  • Look at some Best Practices for
    • Reviewing the program’s curriculum (rotation/service evaluations)
    • Resolving difficult program issues
    • Leveraging the PEC to be the “trainee voice for change”

 Take-away Tools

  • 2020 APE Template from Partners
  • Sample PEC slides for educating PEC members
  • Sample PEC slides for Rotation/Service Evaluations



February, 2020