Carolyn Caldwell, FACHE

| November 17, 2022 | Print Article

“St Mary Medical Center has an Internal Medicine Residency program that has been in existence for over fifty years.  Unfortunately, during the COVID pandemic the Sponsoring Institution was placed on probation due to complaints to the ACGME by our residents.  After a thorough investigation we realized that due to the rapid increase in COVID patients in our ICU our residents found themselves in a very challenging situation.

The facility had worked with Partners in Medical Education in the past and they were highly recommended. We had to totally overhaul how things were being done as it relates to our residents rotations in the ICU.  Heather Peters and Carmela Meyer are the GME consultants that worked with us through the process helping to overhaul our program. I’m happy to report that the Sponsoring Institution was removed from probation April 2022.  I would be happy to recommend Heather Peters and Carmela Meyer to anyone needing support for their GME program. Even though we are currently not on probation we have made the decision to continue our partnership with Partners in Medical Education Inc.”