Tip of the Month: December 2013

| December 11, 2013 | Print Article
Non-Renewal of Resident Contracts
Effective July 1, 2014, the ACGME Institutional Requirements have eliminated the requirement to give residents at least four (4) months notice of intent to not renew their contract. Institutional Requirement IV.C.1.a) still requires that you provide written notification, but no specific time frame is specified.  Although this gives program directors a little more flexibility, and time to make their decisions, you may still be bound by other rules or regulations for non-renewal of residents contracts.
We recommend that you check with your GME office, HR department, legal, and/or resident union representative to obtain information on any other regulations that you may need to follow when deciding to not renew a resident contract.  For example, some resident unions require a specific amount of time for notification of non-renewal. You may also learn that your GMEC has decided to keep the time frame in the policy.  Once you have obtained all of the required information, be sure to review and update your policies and reference materials, if necessary.