Tip of the Month: September 2013

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Interview season has arrived once more. As you prepare the packets of information for the candidates, be sure to include everything specified in the revised ACGME Institutional Requirements.

Any applicant invited to interview must be informed, in writing or by electronic means, of the applicable terms, conditions, and benefits either in effect at the time of the interview or that will be in effect at the time of his or her eventual appointment. The italicized words are new in the revised Institutional Requirements.

What information, specifically, must be provided? At minimum, describe financial support; vacations; parental, sick, and other leaves of absence; professional liability, hospitalization, health, disability and other insurance accessible to residents/fellows and their eligible dependents.

Need the reference for your legal or HR department? See the ACGME Institutional Requirements, approved June 9, 2013; section IV.A.3. In addition, sections IV.E, IV.F, IV.G, and IV.H provide more details about the types of insurance, leave of absence, and resident services required.