Nancy D. Smith

| November 17, 2022 | Print Article

“I am writing you to say thank you for the professionalism and guidance we received from our GME consultant, Cheryl Haynes. We started our working relationship with Cheryl in January of this year, and she help us immensely with the process of writing and submitting our specialty application, expanding our GME committee and preparation for our recent institutional site visit. Her past experiences as a program coordinator and a consultant for your company proved invaluable to all of us who had the opportunity to work with Cheryl.

It is often difficult to only have phone and zoom interactions with a colleague, but I felt an instant comfort in my working relationship with Mrs. Haynes. Not only did she provide excellent examples for us to follow, but she taught us many things we will use for years to come in developing our graduate medical education program. She often explained the “why” and that helped me understand how to prepare and present information to ACGME. You have a talented employee in Cheryl Haynes and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”