Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month: July 2014

Remember to take a look at the revised Common Program Requirements that have been posted for review and comment by the ACGME. You have until July 30, 2014 to give your feedback. The revisions were made to clarify the ACGME’s expectations for Clinical Competency Committee membership. You may view them here: http://www.acgme.org/acgmeweb/tabid/157/ProgramandInstitutionalAccreditation/Reviewand ...[Read More]

Highlights from the May 2014 AHME Meeting

We were reminded that the 89 key properties in the CLER Pathways document are NOT requirements. They are to be used to guide you in planning and assessing your clinical learning environment. Faculty development remains a hot topic and one of the most challenging for programs and institutions. Institutions are using all of the available data to create program and institutional report cards. There a ...[Read More]

Milestone Time!

Its Milestone Time! For those programs that are required to report milestones, the reporting period was opened on May 1 and will be available through June 20. Now is the time to: Prepare evaluation summaries for all of your residents in the format chosen by your CCC Schedule your CCC meeting Schedule six-month and end of training reviews with your residents Make sure that your program contact info ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: April 2014

Happy Spring! In keeping with our annual home spring cleaning traditions, April is a great time to do a spring cleaning of your GME “home” too. Take a day this month to clean your office.  Go through that pile of papers sitting on your desk since recruitment and either file them where appropriate or recycle if you no longer need it. Don’t forget about your electronic files as well.  Go through you ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: March 2014

We’ve just returned from the 2014 ACGME Educational Conference and wish to thank all of you who stopped by our booth.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and learning about your most challenging GME issues.  Look for the anonymous GME survey results and the announcement of our PassportPLUS winner to appear soon in our blog.  For those of you who were not able to attend this year’s conferen ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: February 2014

CLER direction from ACGME If you have not downloaded and read “CLER Pathways to Excellence” from the ACGME do it now!  We have been waiting a long time for some direction and finally have it. A must read, this document covers all areas of the CLER visits along with expectations and properties of each of the 6 CLER focus areas. Visit the ACGME web site here to view the documents and lea ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: January 2014

Happy New Year! What are your GME resolutions for 2014? We’ve come up with a few that will start you off on the right track: 1. Update ADS when something changes. We know – it is easier said than done – but if you make it a habit to update ADS each time you obtain information that is relevant to your program and required in NAS, you will be one step ahead of the game when it come ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: December 2013

Non-Renewal of Resident Contracts Effective July 1, 2014, the ACGME Institutional Requirements have eliminated the requirement to give residents at least four (4) months notice of intent to not renew their contract. Institutional Requirement IV.C.1.a) still requires that you provide written notification, but no specific time frame is specified.  Although this gives program directors a little more ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: November 2013

Institutional Requirements have been updated to address GMEC membership (Institutional Requirements effective July 1, 2014, section. I.B.1). In addition to the typical membership of DIO, program directors and residents, the ACGME has provided further details. GMEC’s must now have at least two peer-selected resident/fellow voting members and a quality improvement/safety officer (or designee) voting ...[Read More]

Tip of the Month: October 2013

Your Sponsoring Institution’s Statement of Commitment to GME may need to be revised to conform to the revised ACGME Institutional Requirements. New language has been added to the requirements (see Institutional Requirements, Section I.A.6). The required written statement must specify the Sponsoring Institution’s commitment to providing the necessary administrative support (as well as educati ...[Read More]

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