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ACGME Strategic Plan

There is only one more week left to submit your comments on the ACGME strategic plan. Include the plan on your next GMEC agenda to gather any comments or suggestions for submission. You may view the plan here:

In Depth: Resident/Fellow Learning and Working Environment – Part 2 of 6

The institutional requirements were aligned to follow the six CLER focus areas. Over the next few months, we will take a look at each of the six learning and working environment requirements and provide some questions for you to think about in order to gauge how well you meet the requirement. This week we will take a look at quality improvement. III.B. The Sponsoring Institution is responsible for ...[Read More]

Resident Services

One area of the ACGME web site that you may not be familiar with is the Resident Services area. This area contains information for residents about the ACGME accreditation process and resources that the ACGME provides to residents. One such resource that has recently been added is a presentation about NAS, Milestones and CLER from a resident perspective. The presentation is chock full of valuable i ...[Read More]

How to Read the new Letter of Notification

The ACGME has posted a document on how to read the new Letter of Notification that all programs will receive in NAS. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the new format as it contains much more information than we have received in the past. A sample is available here:

Just a Few Short Months…

The revised ACGME institutional requirements (effective July 1, 2013 for new sponsoring institutions) will become effective for existing sponsoring institutions in just a few short months (July 1, 2014). Now is the time to re-read them and ensure that your policies are up to date with the revised requirements. A few highlights to pay attention to: Have you updated your statement of commitment? (IR ...[Read More]


Congratulations to all on a successful match this year. The next few months are going to be busy, but exciting, as we prepare for our new residents and bid farewell to our graduates.  Remember: Make sure that you are sending the latest contract, benefits and other informational sources to the residents.  If you are not sure, ask your GME office for the latest version.  Contracts should have been u ...[Read More]

The Results are In!

Partners surveyed attendees at the 2014 ACGME Annual Educational Conference and asked, “What is the biggest GME challenge you are facing today?” See the results listed below. Although there was a significant response in six areas, the majority of responses were related to the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC). We want to thank everyone who participated. Your feedback is always extrem ...[Read More]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and in the spirit of being green – we have a few tips for you to be green in GME. As GMEC agendas become longer and contain more information to be reviewed, consider emailing the agenda and attachments to your members.  You can utilize a computer and projector to display the documents for review during the meeting and save a few trees along the way. Utilize ...[Read More]

A Unified System!

To our AOA friends out there – have no fear, Partners is here! The recent announcement of a unified accreditation system has us all in GME excited to be part of this pivotal time in GME accreditation.  As you begin to receive information from the AOA, ACGME and your specialty societies, feel free to contact Partners with any questions that you may have.  Some tips for the transition: Pay att ...[Read More]

We’re at ACGME!! Booth #400

For the first time ever, the ACGME has opened their Annual Education Conference to vendors of GME services and products… and Partners® is here! We rolled in last night, and we are ready to see everyone at our booth today, tomorrow, and Saturday! Partners® is exhibiting at the ACGME Annual Education Conference being held at the Gaylord National in National Harbor, Maryland from February 27 – ...[Read More]

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